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A presentation of Usenet: its history, terms and organization along with technical details and information on binary content.


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History of Usenet as a whole and of specific hierarchies like alt.*, bitnet and fidonet, old Usenet maps, the way the newsgroups work and how to use them, tips on advanced use, useful links.


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Homepage of the public domain encoding format widely used in binary newsgroups. A stand alone yEnc decoder is also available for download with its source code.


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Presents newsgroups and newsreaders with a particular focus on binary newsgroups.


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 6 - Usenet Replayer Browse Website open in new window
Web-based Usenet tools, including news resources archive, news server search, posting and retrieving of Usenet messages, advertising products, and forgery cancellations. Free.


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Brief introduction to Usenet and appropriate guidelines to follow for posting.


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 8 - News2mail.com Browse Website open in new window
Delivers via e-mail articles from user-selected newsgroups. Free service.


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Selection of links to material on Usenet. Editorials by Jukka explaining the workings of Usenet and the reasons for certain conventions.


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 10 - Snoozenet Browse Website open in new window
Tim Pierce's New's Hacking page. Includes links to RFC 977, 1036, son-of-1036.


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