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 1 - Giganews Browse Website open in new window
Personal newsgroups accounts and ISP Usenet outsourcing with news servers in Europe and North America. Headers not included in download quota, and text articles never expire.


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 2 - Supernews Browse Website open in new window
Metered and block accounts for individuals as well as services to ISPs and corporations.


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Provides partly speed capped unlimited plans. Connections allowed with their proprietary client software only.


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 4 - EasyNews Browse Website open in new window
Offers a metered account along with a web gateway and provides SSL encrypted access at no extra cost. Various methods of payment accepted.


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 5 - Newsdemon Browse Website open in new window
Personal newsgroup accounts with servers in the USA and Europe. SSL encryption is available as an option, headers are not included in the download quota.


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 6 - NewsgroupDirect Browse Website open in new window
Provides unlimited and metered accounts for individuals. Headers are not included in the download quota and SSL encryption is available as an option.


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 7 - Usenet.com Browse Website open in new window
Provides metered and unlimited accounts for individuals with both Web and NNTP access. Also offers SSL encryption with all accounts at no extra cost as well as non-expiring text retention.


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 8 - Newsville Browse Website open in new window
Access to 35, 000 newsgroups with a newsreader or using a web browser such as Firefox. For individual, corporate and ISP outsourcing use. Also offers private newsgroup hosting for professional customers.


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 9 - Hitnews.eu Browse Website open in new window
Offers non recurring unlimited accounts for various periods of time, including 2 days plans. SSL encryption is provided at no extra cost with all accounts.


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News feeds for individuals for a low annual fee. Text newsgroups only. The server is part of the computer center of the Free University of Berlin.


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