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Promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences. Includes related resource links. From Stanford University.


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A complete list of newsgroup hierarchies and their descriptions.


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Presentation of the administered Finnish hierarchy: spam and binary cancel policy, control messages and the associated PGP key as well as the checkgroup list.


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Explains how to add Polish pl.* hierarchy to a news server, briefly presents the hierarchy and provides technical information.


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 5 - UK Usenet Browse Website open in new window
Homepage of the UK Usenet Committee. Information about usenet newsgroups in the United Kingdom.


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Provides help to Usenet hierarchy administrators who try to maintain the canonical lists of newsgroups in managed hierarchies.


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 7 - News-admin.org Browse Website open in new window
Links to several top-level hierarchies, any of which may register a subdomain of news-admin.org for their hierarchy.


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Site in Italian and English. Includes the PGP key for verifying control messages, servers configuration FAQ for the hierarchy and the latest checkgroups control message.


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 9 - Big-8 Usenet Browse Website open in new window
Management board of the big 8 hierarchies: controls creation, naming, moderation policies and removal processes for newsgroups in those hierarchies. Includes a FAQ and details of recent announcements.


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 10 - gnUSENET Browse Website open in new window
Presentation of the gnu.* hierarchy, which is a collection of newsgroups about the Free Software Foundation's GNU Project. Most of these newsgroups correspond to GNU mailing lists.


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