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SIGART is the ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence.


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KurzweilAI.net explores trends in emerging technologies in the 21st century. Also, it attempts to showcase leading technologies in AI and related fields.


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Part of the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, is searchable and browseable.


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Including intelligent agents, data mining, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence. Biweekly newsletter available.


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Site of the annual Turing Test contest.


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an enormous amount of resources pertaining to AI


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 7 - Generation5.org Browse Website open in new window
Essays, interviews and original programs, code, and news bulletins.


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AI-related FAQs


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 9 - AI from TAU Browse Website open in new window
Includes Artificial Intelligence links index from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Created and maintained by Yossi Mamroud, TAU's Philosophy Department.


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Premise.org, an artificial intelligence link site with examples.


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