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Contains information about Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory and papers published by researchers here.


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A definitive source of information about the field of genetic programming with links and conferences.


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A privately funded research group that does research in applying genetic programming.


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Promotes the creation and exchange of knowledge on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation and their application.


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Applies unique expertise in evolutionary computation and evolved neural networks to real-world problems.


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 6 - John R. Koza Browse Website open in new window
Inventor of genetic programming and author of numerous published papers on genetic programming at Stanford University.


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Offers links and an introduction to Genetic Programming.


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A nearly complete bibliography of papers published on genetic programming. Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.


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 9 - ECLab at GMU Browse Website open in new window
The George Mason University Evolutionary Computation Laboratory, headed by Profs. Kenneth De Jong and Sean Luke.


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A programming library designed to aid development of applications that use genetic algorithms.


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