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 11 - AI from TAU Browse Website open in new window
Includes Artificial Intelligence links index from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Created and maintained by Yossi Mamroud, TAU's Philosophy Department.


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Premise.org, an artificial intelligence link site with examples.


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 13 - Context in AI Browse Website open in new window
A contact point on the Web for researchers who are interested in the many roles of context in artificial intelligence.


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Resources on Integrated and Hybrid Intelligent Systems, maintained at Iowa State University.


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 15 - Artilect Browse Website open in new window
Articles and resources on artificial intelligence, physics and neuroscience research.


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 16 - Texai.org Browse Website open in new window
An open source project to create an artificial intelligence. The approach is to first construct an English dialog system whose initial goals are to acquire linguistic and common sense skills to improve its own performance.


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 17 - AI Links Browse Website open in new window
Resources in Adaptive Behavior, Reinforcement Learning, Computational Evolution, Natural Evolution, AI in general and Conferences. Maintained by Mark Humphreys, Dublin City University.


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Performance and evaluation of processors, assembly programming, and unlimited shareware.


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Community discussions, regular tutorials, daily news, and a searchable knowledge base.


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 20 - AI Topics Browse Website open in new window
Introductory resources concerning artificial intelligence and its many dimensions.


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