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The Palm Pilot Robot Kit is a design for an easy-to-build, fully autonomous robot controlled by a Palm handheld computer.


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Tutorials on how to build a robot at any skill level with pictures, parts lists, and basic term definitions.


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A tutorial on the use of computer controlled stepping motors.


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Offers an affordable, nearly plug and play and fairly well documented microcontroller board supporting several digital and analogue ports, the ability to control four motors, and an LCD.


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 5 - Ikalogic Browse Website open in new window
Robot projects information resource site with tutorials, video clips, articles and a forum covering core robotics topics such as navigation, micro-controllers, motor control, sensors and more.


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An open PC-based mobile robot reference design, for navigating autonomously in home or office environments. The project goal is provide a standard implementation based on the best available standards for mobile robot design. The source code, circuit s...


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 7 - AusRobotics Browse Website open in new window
An online community for Australian robotics hobbyists. Membership is free and all members are provided with a journal to document or discuss their projects.


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UK based site for robot builders of all levels; tutorials, resources, competitions and forums for electronics, programming, mechanics, B.E.A.M. and fighting robots.


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A comprehensive guide for setting up a CNC robot building workshop at home.


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Detailed introduction to robot building with step-by-step information on the chassis, drive train, controller, and sensors.


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