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Soccer playing computers.


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 2 - TopCoder Browse Website open in new window
Online computer programming competitions in the Java, C++, and C# languages. Competitions take place twice a week, and members can win from $25-$300. Major tournaments have a prize purse of $250, 000.


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Problemset archive, online judge and contest hosting service accepting solutions in C, C++, Pascal, Java and other languages.


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 4 - Loebner Prize Browse Website open in new window
A unique annual contest in which a winner is selected from participants who comes to the closest to demonstrating that machines can think like humans, as per the Turing Test.


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An online contest with information about writing competitions, questions, and an online judge.


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Annual 24-hour contest hosted by Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The contest is open to a limited number of international teams of 3 people via an internet qualifying round.


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 7 - Project Euler Browse Website open in new window
A series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve.


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A contest to write the most obscure/obfuscated C program.


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Online programming contest for teams, open to anyone.


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Tips and observations from a team of programmers who have regularly won in the ACM programming contests. Published in ACM Crossroads, the student magazine of the ACM.


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