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A collection of web pages on intelligent software agents, knowbots, KQML, SATP, active information integration and agent-oriented systems


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Resource for agent and bot programming.


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A FIPA-ACL compliant, JAVA based software agents middleware. JADE is currently the most widely used platform for research purpose.


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Repast Simphony is an open source agent-based modeling toolkit that simplifies model creation and use.


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A mobile agent metasite with pointers to tutorials, FAQs, mailing lists, link collections, articles, books, resources, software and libraries (Last update 2002).


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An agent oriented programming language based on a BDI architecture, implemented in JAVA. Jason is available Open Source, and is distributed under GNU LGPL. Documentation and tutorials are also provided.


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An intelligent agent that assists users in performing repetitive tasks.


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A programming language for implementing cognitive agents. A JAVA based platform is available, as well as documentation, code samples and related scientific publications.


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A semantic agent development framework. Behaviour of agent are programmed in SWRL. Knowledge Base is represented using OWL.


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Links to the different editions of the workshop and to related books and documentation.


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