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Babbage, Charles (8) Barlow, John Perry (12) Bell, Gordon (5)
Berners-Lee, Tim (7) Bricklin, Daniel (1) Cerf, Vinton (5)
Cray, Seymour (2) Dijkstra, Edsger (6) Dorner, Steve (3)
Eckert, John Presper (3) Engelbart, Douglas (17) Flowers, Tommy (2)
Gates, Bill (14) Hopper, Grace Murray (9) Ingalls, Daniel (8)
Internet (35) Jobs, Steve (19) Kay, Alan (34)
Kernighan, Brian (2) Kildall, Gary (4) Knuth, Donald (14)
Kurzweil, Raymond (15) Lampson, Butler (7) Lans, Håkan
Lovelace, Ada (10) Mauchly, John (4) McCarthy, John (4)
Metcalfe, Robert (4) Miner, Jay (2) Minsky, Marvin (12)
Moore, Gordon (6) Muuss, Michael John (5) Needham, Roger (5)
Nelson, Ted (8) Neumann, John von (7) Papert, Seymour (9)
Postel, Jonathan (3) Raskin, Jef (9) Ritchie, Dennis (5)
Sakamura, Ken (8) Sassenrath, Carl (6) Simonyi, Charles (3)
Sinclair, Clive (3) Stallman, Richard (8) Sutherland, Ivan (3)
Tesler, Lawrence (5) Wall, Larry (9) Weiser, Mark (4)
Wiener, Norbert (4) Winograd, Terry (3) Wirth, Niklaus (4)
Wozniak, Steve (2) Xerox PARC Zuse, Konrad (7)

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 1 - Raymond, Eric Browse Website open in new window
Open Source spokesman and author of the New Hacker's Dictionary. Resume, writings, speaking engagements, FAQ, and links.


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Algorithm and data structure researcher (see also Knuth and Dijkstra)


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An original member, Bob Lash, shares memories, photographs, stories, diagrams from the early days of personal computing.


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 4 - Wheeler, David Browse Website open in new window
Wikipedia biography of one of the pioneers of the Edsac computer at Cambridge, who helped to develop programming language. Includes links to obituaries.


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Official site of Philip Emeagwali, voted Africa's greatest scientist by New African for his work on supercomputer development. Includes booking details plus links to speeches and articles.


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 6 - Thompson, Ken Browse Website open in new window
The father of the Unix operating system


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Father of the Personal Computer


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An interview with Monte Davidoff regarding the 4K BASIC interpreter he wrote with Gates and Allen.


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A collection of interviews with notable IT people, including computing and Internet pioneers.


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 10 - Naur, Peter Browse Website open in new window
Introduction to the works of Peter Naur, legendary Danish computer scientist, key in the creation of Algol 60, the N in BNF. Online papers, bibliography, book. English, Dansk.


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