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A parent controlled, supervised kids email service for younger children. Children's email can be sent using webmail or an email client and parents can manage the supervision from their regular email address or the web.


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 52 - Kid Innovation Browse Website open in new window
Razzul is a kid-friendly browser, offering access to pre-approved sites and spam-free email. Parents can also review their child's internet usage and communications.


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Provides tools to protect children while chatting online, with the ability to approve or block specific sites, keywords, and contacts.


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 54 - Parent Smartz Browse Website open in new window
Learn to monitor your child's online activities and assess potential dangers. Offers safety resources and online classes for parents.


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 55 - Child Safety FAQ Browse Website open in new window
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about child safety on the internet.


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 56 - iSafeSurf.com Browse Website open in new window
Search PICS Labelled Sites, Learn Netiquette, Acronyms, Emoticons Definitions, Internet Privacy and Identity Theft information.


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Companion site to the book 'Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet'. Shows parents how to protect from pedophiles, pornography, pop-ups, viruses and spyware.


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 58 - CyberCop Guide Browse Website open in new window
A downloadable ebook about Internet child safety. Written by a police detective, it teaches parents to protect their children from becoming a victim, or from victimizing others while on the Internet.


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Software to monitor and control your child's software usage and internet browsing, regulate the times when they can use the computer and internet, and hide content on your computer that you don't want them to see.


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US Congress Bill S.97 requiring schools and libraries to introduce filtering software for internet-connected computers.


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