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 11 - WebWiseKids.org Browse Website open in new window
Supplies Internet Safety tips and games to protect children.


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 12 - Web Wise Kids Browse Website open in new window
Teaching children how to make their online experience safe, using an educational CD-Rom game.


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 13 - Net Family News Browse Website open in new window
A weekly electronic news service to inform and educate parents, families and caregivers of children who spend time online.


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 14 - Kid Smart Browse Website open in new window
Practical online safety advice for teachers and parents, with lesson plans, online activities and resources.


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 15 - SafeTeens.Com Browse Website open in new window
A guide to teen safety on the Internet.


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 16 - Teenangels Browse Website open in new window
A site featuring the work and activities of a group of teenage online safety ambassadors who educate others about internet safety.


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A variety of online safety information, as well as online and offline projects involving organizations like Disney. Aimed at both adults and children.


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 18 - CyberSmart Browse Website open in new window
Online workshops aimed at educators, provides guidance for helping students use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.


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 19 - Protectkids Browse Website open in new window
Internet Dangers section highlights the primary dangers to kids online with specific focus on the sexual exploitation of children.


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A law enforcement site promoting safety and crime prevention for kids.


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