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 31 - Crisp Thinking Browse Website open in new window
Detects 'grooming' of children by online predators by analyzing behaviour patterns including syntax and language style.


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Aims to help people of all ages cut through the Internet's clutter to improve their everyday lives, while keeping families safe online.


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 33 - KidRocket Browse Website open in new window
Kid-safe web browser works by limiting access to just a small collection of hand-picked educational and fun sites. Simple but effective, offered as freeware.


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A list of internet filtering products and comparison data for parents and teachers.


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 35 - Mousetrap Browse Website open in new window
Provided by the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation, this program is designed to protect children from online predators through parent education online and with a free awareness CD.


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Providing information for schools and libraries regarding the Children's Internet Protection Act.


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Secure web browser for kids, available free. Includes kid-safe Internet Messenger, and inbuilt resources for education, gaming and fun.


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 38 - Wise Kids Browse Website open in new window
Works with communities, libraries, youth organisations, local education authorities, schools and businesses throughout Wales and elsewhere, to raise awareness of positive and safe Internet use.


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A repository of information, research, resources, links and media reports regarding online sexual exploitation and internet safety.


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 40 - Optenet PC Browse Website open in new window
Parental control software to filter internet content and prevent harmful sites and downloads. Can also help to manage time children are spending online.


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