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Documentation and installation scripts to make a Linux cluster of thin clients in an educational environment.


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History of Beowulf development, network drivers, software, documentation, papers, and links to other resources and cluster sites.


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Automated system for installing Debian on PC clusters. Documentation and source available.


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Mailing list for Beowulf discussion.


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How to make a cluster from Apple computers. Papers, benchmarks, and software for distributing jobs across a cluster.


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Discussion of Linux clusters, SMP, and links to Beowulf sites.


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A network topology designed to minimize latency in clusters of PCs.


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A bundle of software for making Linux clusters. Source code, hardware notes, and documentation.


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Patches to NFS to permit diskless clients to mount a root filesystem. Source code and documentation.


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A set of interoperable opensource tools that enable users to build and use Beowulf cluster effectively to solve their problems. It consist of a cluster builder tool, complex system management tool (SCMS), scalable real-time monitoring, Web base monito...


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