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Provides metrics and analysis on thousands of open source projects and contributors.


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Lists free software packages organized and searchable by category.


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 3 - Foss for Us Browse Website open in new window
Lists free open source software for various platforms sorted by category, allows users to browse by function or by alternative for proprietary products.


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A central directory of Open Source software, designed for a worldwide audience. Includes the latest industry news.


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Software, shareware and lots of useful hints to related information. Includes directory, search and associated links.


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IBM's open source site includes articles, tutorials and a list of open source projects.


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Lists open source projects that could be essential to NASA missions. Help NASA with development of their projects - or simple enjoy them.


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Helps you find open source alternatives to commercial software.


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Directory of open-source and just working programs.


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 10 - SourceWell Browse Website open in new window
A software announcement and retrieval system which gives updated news on open source software.


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