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Broad range of free textures.


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 2 - CG Textures Browse Website open in new window
Library of several hundred freely available textures, arranged by category.


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 3 - Net Render Browse Website open in new window
Provides a set of architectural textures that are available for purchase as well as a selection of flora texture maps containing alphas for use during composition or as plates.


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A large range of a variety of textures.


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 5 - Pixelpoke Browse Website open in new window
Free hi-res 3D textures that include seamless tiles of fabrics, woods, masonry, and object maps. Updated frequently.


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A large library of photo-derived tilable royalty-free textures for realistic simulators and games available for purchase. A few free samples.


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 7 - TextureVault Browse Website open in new window
Offers a variety of low to high resolution textures.


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Assortment of free textures.


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Textures, surface maps and backgrounds for 3D graphics and computer modeling. Textures include customized bump, specular, glow and transparency maps. Free sample textures are available for download.


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 10 - Evermotion Browse Website open in new window
Textures, material shaders, 3D models, high dynamic range images and games are all available for purchase. Also includes forums, galleries and tutorials.


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