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Ethereum Development is an open source, decentralized ledger computer-based platform used to develop DApps, where the process is operated with the digital currency. Mobiloitte is an Ethereum development company.


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At challengeyourlender.com, our objective is to utilize our intimate knowledge of real estate, foreclosure and mortgage laws to help our students challenge their lenders and stay in their homes. Take action now for yourself, and for your family.


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The weblog of The Institute for the Future of the Book. Thinking about the evolution of publishing, education and creative labor in the digital age.


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 4 - TeleRead Browse Website open in new window
Information on the initiative to bring electronic books to all people.


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 5 - Planet eBook Browse Website open in new window
News, information, newsletters, discussion, and an online store.


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An e-mail discussion group devoted to e-books, the e-book industry, and related topics. Membership is required to access the online archives.


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A cooperative project to create a universal, open standards digital publication distribution format which will be platform-independent and capable of high typographic presentation quality.


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Information on the specification for electronic books published by the International Digital Publishing Forum.


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Selection of articles and links.


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 10 - EBookFriends.com Browse Website open in new window
Discussions for authors, publishers, and marketers of electronic books.


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