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If you are looking to learn about BPM, What is BPM.com provides unbiased, straightforward educational information about Business Process Management and Software (BPMS) to Business Managers, Business Analyst and other Process Practioners.


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Report on the technology and companies involved with e-ink.


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A study by Rochester area libraries evaluating the uses and the feasibility of e-books in library settings. With industry and project information.


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An introduction and overview of electronic books.


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Guide to publishing electronic books.


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 6 - Ebook News Browse Website open in new window
Collects and presents information about electronic books.


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 7 - HandEbooks Browse Website open in new window
Information and resources, with free titles for handheld devices.


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Dedicated to providing information on an assortment of the latest and greatest eBooks currently on the market.


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Read new free ebooks online. New titles published monthly on hot subjects.


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 10 - Build E Library Browse Website open in new window
Basic information on formats and devices, with links.


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