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 1 - EMC Corporation Browse Website open in new window
Enterprise-wide intelligent storage and retrieval technology designed for all major server environments.


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 2 - Teradata Browse Website open in new window
High-performance parallel database technology, data access and management tools, and data mining, scalable hardware, and data warehousing consultants.


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 3 - Vertica Systems Browse Website open in new window
High-speed, self-tuning column-oriented SQL database management software for data warehousing and business intelligence.


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 4 - FileTek, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Supplier of database software for managing large amounts of atomic data. StorHouse is an enterprise-wide software solution for managing the capture, storage, movement, and access of gigabytes to petabytes of relational and non-relational atomic-level ...


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Enables IT to deliver reliable information that empowers business users to drive the company forward.


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 6 - Greenplum Browse Website open in new window
Business intelligence and data warehousing using open source databases.


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 7 - ParAccel, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Column-oriented DBMS for decision support and complex processing.


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Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, is a leading designer, developer, and marketer of high-performance, high-capacity database management software.


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 9 - Kognitio Browse Website open in new window
Develops WX2, an analytical database platform for data warehousing and business intelligence.


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Offers database clustering solutions for data warehousing that utilize open source databases.


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