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 1 - Uncensored BBS Browse Website open in new window
A traditional hobbyist Citadel BBS with an emphasis on free speech.


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Offers free access to the PLATO system, which contains over 16, 000 of the original lessons, in an attempt to preserve the original communities that grew up on Control Data Corporation mainframe systems in the 1980s.


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Telnet and web based BBS with full fidonet coverage.


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 4 - Roughneck BBS Browse Website open in new window
A modern bulletin board system that has many modern and classic features such as file repositories, message boards and chat rooms; online since February 2002.


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Provides support for Mac, Amiga, Commodore 64 and 128 Computers. Download area includes an 8 CD Library - AMUG CDs, Info-Mac and GIFs.


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Wildcat BBS operating out of Italy.


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 7 - The Pharcyde Browse Website open in new window
A community based on any mediums of artistic ability, messages, door games, programming and BBS software and utilities.


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 8 - Netcava BBS Browse Website open in new window
A general purpose BBS hosting many freeware and shareware programs with a notable DOS software collection. Partly translated in French.


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Features files, tips and tricks, links and the following message networks: SWISSLink, ILink, RIME, SSI SupportNet, SwissNewsExchange.


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 10 - Falcon BBS Browse Website open in new window
The revival of a Dutch Bulletin Board System from the eighties. Web access is provided in addition to the telnet protocol and a Java-telnet gateway.


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