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Manufacturer of robotic devices for education, entertainment, advertising and promotion since 1966. Large variety of robot characters and custom robots available.


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 52 - Robot Promotions Browse Website open in new window
Life size promotional robots which are designed to look like your product.


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 53 - Robotic World Browse Website open in new window
Robotics World specialises in educational robotics and has a wide range of robots suitable for beginners to the advanced.


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 54 - Roomba Community Browse Website open in new window
Forum to discuss and hack the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.


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 55 - Probotics Browse Website open in new window
Offers robots for commercial and home uses including lawn mowing and pool cleaning.


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Offers numerous robotic vehicles in a variety of sizes for uses that include reconnaissance, surveillance, EOD neutralization, material transport, weapons platforms, humanitarian demining, and remote CBRN sensing.


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Robot props for entertainment, trade shows, and other events.


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U.S. distributor of K-Team robots (e.g. Khepera) and other robot products for education and research. Specializes in Evolutionary Computation algorithms and open-interface software. Located in Colorado, United States.


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Provides educational robotics and data acquisition products.


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Manufacturer of life-sized educational and promotional robotics for crime prevention, child safety programs and commercial product promotions.


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