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 31 - RoperResources Browse Website open in new window
A manufacturers' representative for remote operated vehicles and robotics for a variety of underwater and land based applications.


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Services include vehicle automation, ground-up autonomous or tele-operated robotic vehicle design, software design, and automation electronics.


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A full-service product development company, specializing in robotics. Complete consumer robot design, from first prototypes to manufacturing in China. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, United States.


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Designer and manufacturer of compact remotely operated robotic inspection systems and components for use in confined spaces, underwater and hazardous environments.


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 35 - Gecko Systems Browse Website open in new window
Business and home automation with a programmable, upgradeable, expandable robot that interfaces with Windows 95, 98, and NT. GUI software included.


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Advanced electronic motion control systems for the automation, electric vehicle and automotive industries.


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 37 - Mobot, Inc Browse Website open in new window
Provides autonomous mobile robots for entertainment and education applications.


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Develops proprietary operating system software for robotic applications. Based in Santa Monica, California, United States.


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 39 - Robo-Erectus Browse Website open in new window
A soccer-playing fully autonomous humanoid robot from Singapore Polytechnic.


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 40 - Mekatronix, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Manufactures robots, microcontrollers, robot kits, microcontroller kits, RC servos, Wireless Mini Spy Cameras, IR, Usonic, and Photo Sensors, Motorola 68HC11 Chips, software and parts from many manufacturers.


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