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 11 - Sirma AI Company Browse Website open in new window
Research and software development company whose major areas of activity include CAD, business process automation, e-commerce, text processing, knowledge management and distributed AI, and CASE


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Autonomous robots and voice systems.


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AmikaNow! Corporation - develops, markets and supports AmikaFreedom and AmikaWisdom software, the world's first electronic 'email clerk' using Artificial Intelligence technology.


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 14 - TISEC Inc. Browse Website open in new window
TISEC offers nondestructive testing and reliability engineering services, artificial intelligence pattern recognition software, multimedia training and reference materials and hydrogen safety technology.


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Developer of software systems that solve resource optimization, planning, scheduling, and deployment problems for the air transportation, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, and security industries.


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ASSISTUM software is a knowledge tool that stores and makes available business knowledge to clients so they can improve their business performance. It behaves like a human consultant, applying general knowledge about business to help clients make bett...


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Imagination Engines builds neural network cascades that self-assemble into the largest synthetic, cognitive structures in the world. IEI holds all the core patents in the area of building such artificial brains, foremost of which is the so-called "Cea...


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Professional services and products in information and knowledge technology to support the knowledge engineer in building intelligent applications.


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Provides intelligent merchandising solutions to retailers. Information on products, technology, and careers.


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Creaters of the ACQUIRE line of administration, operations and customer support products in stand-alone or web-based applications. Includes profile, demo downloads, and job openings.


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