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 1 - SambicsTech Browse Website open in new window
SambicsTech offers software application services to various industries such as banking and healthcare with immense domain expertise.


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Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods.


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Developers of the Hugin tool


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A tool for modeling and reasoning with Bayesian networks, developed in Java by the Automated Reasoning Group of Professor Adnan Darwiche at UCLA.


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 5 - Genie/Smile Browse Website open in new window
GeNIe is a development environment for building graphical decision-theoretic models running under Windows operating systems. SMILE is its portable inference engine, consisting of a library of C++ classes, currently compiled for Windows, Solaris and Linux.


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Kevin Murphy's MATLAB toolbox - supports dynamic BNs, decision networks, many exact and approximate inference algorithms, parameter estimation, and structure learning


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BAYDA software implements Bayesian predictive discriminant analysis, where the aim is to build a model for predicting the value of one discrete (class, group, category) variable using other variables.


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 8 - BayesiaLab Browse Website open in new window
Bayesian network laboratory producing a broad set of tools for structure learning, analysis, adaptive questionnaires, and dynamic Bayesian networks


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 9 - CleverSet, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Develops and exploits proprietary Relational Bayesian Modeling (RBM) technology and applications that provide real-time, actionable results from large amounts of dynamic, multi-faceted, ambiguous information.


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Windows program for graphical modelling.


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