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PURS is a meeting for haptics researchers held in Europe.


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PHANTOM haptics devices and GHOST API allow users to touch and manipulate 3D data. Also the FreeForm is an important 3D modelling tool which is haptically enabled, using a PHANTOM® OmniT device (a high end haptic device).


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Immersion Corporation's Force Feedback systems. Immersion makes the haptic mouse, high quality haptic joysticks and a haptic laparoscopic surgery simulation device.


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Manufacturers of robotic and mechatronic systems including high quality haptic devices


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 5 - SenseGraphics Browse Website open in new window
Provider of display systems integrating haptics and graphics. Also provides development tools for applications with haptics(H3D API).


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 6 - ForceDimension Browse Website open in new window
Offers devices for high-end applications and research, as well as custom solutions for the industry.


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 7 - Haptics-e Browse Website open in new window
Haptics-e is an electronic journal for haptics research.


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Specializes in haptics applications for medical, oil/gas, automotive, and mass market fields.


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ReachIn Technologies produce integrated haptic and graphic systems. They make display systems and produce the haptic and graphic API Magma.


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Develops and commercializes force-feedback (haptic) computer devices for Virtual Reality.


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