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Cray, Seymour (2)  

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 1 - Cray Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Official site for the supercomputers company. Includes details of products, job opportunities, and investor information.


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 2 - Cray User Group Browse Website open in new window
An independent, international consortium of organizations that own or use Cray or SGI computer systems. Includes membership details, announcements, conference details, and working group information.


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 3 - Cray-Cyber Browse Website open in new window
Free interactive access to historical supercomputers such as a Cray Y-MP EL running UNICOS or a Cyber 960 running NOS.


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 4 - ExCray.com Browse Website open in new window
Resource for alumni of Cray Research. Includes a database of members, free e-mail addresses, news, and a bulletin board.


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The first 3 chapters of the CRAY RESEARCH CRAY-1 Hardware Reference Manual 2240004, Revision C.


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A set of questions and answers on topics such as Cray Supercomputer families and buying secondhand machines. Includes technical documents and anecdotes.


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Slides from a technical presentation given by Gordon Bell of Microsoft Research.


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