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Manufacturer of mainframes, supercomputers, and high powered workstations. Product information, support, and image galleries of 3D images produced with SGI workstations.


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 2 - GraphStream Browse Website open in new window
Supplier visualization and high-performance computing systems. Based in Belmont, California.


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 3 - HPTC Solutions Browse Website open in new window
Hewlett Packard's high performance computing division. Product information and support for PA-RISC, Alpha, and Pentium-based systems.


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Provides access to CAE applications and high performance computing resources via the Internet. Features different applications, services, and technologies.


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Manufactures reconfigurable supercomputers made from field programmable gate arrays. Product and contact information.


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SRC sells scalable and reconfigurable supercomputers.


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 7 - Epoka Group Browse Website open in new window
Reseller of used high performance computers from a variety of manufacturers.


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Access Beowulf clusters through the Internet. Service information, online account application, and technical support.


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 9 - PsiTech, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Designs and manufactures capture, storage, and display systems for supercomputers.


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 10 - Linux Labs Browse Website open in new window
Integrator of second generation open source Linux-based clusters.


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