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Site with photos and the history of the TI-99.


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Rick's site has slick graphics and several essays detailing his memories of using the TI-99 and the reasons why he still loves it. Also has plenty of his favorite links and some suggestions on emulation.


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Desktop theme, startup screen, emultors, classifieds, links, AVI's, screen shots, equipment sources, software, hardware, TI-99/2/4/8, CC40 from Rich Polivka.


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The text of a TI99/4A Book, Getting Started With the Texas Instruments TI99/4A Home Computer (1983), a photo of a TI99/4a, some tips on programming a TI99/4a and some music composed for the TI99/4a.


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Information, screenshots and trivia.


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Manuals, Graphics, photos, pin outs, General Information about the TI 99/4A


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Reviews of TI fairs, technical and repair information.


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TI-99 Demos Written In Assembly (best viewed with IE)


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A TI-99 cartridge listing.


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 10 - Jon's TI-99/4A Browse Website open in new window
Pictures of equipment, modules, and accessories. Complete TI-99/4A module list, hardware prototype projects, and links.


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