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 1 - Linux Journal Browse Website open in new window
The monthly magazine of the Linux community, promoting the use of Linux worldwide.


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 2 - Linux Gazette Browse Website open in new window
Non-commercial online web publication dedicated to two simple ideas: Making Linux just a little more fun, Sharing ideas and discoveries.


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Australia's source for Linux news, editorial, reviews and tutorials aimed at Consumer, Business, Enterprise and Technical users.


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 4 - Linux Focus Browse Website open in new window
News, tips, information for open source community. First multilingual magazine for the Linux operating system. Managed and produced by volunteers, fans, developers. Last issue from 2005.


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 5 - Linux Format Browse Website open in new window
A British hardcopy magazine. The site includes news, interviews, forums, blogs and a wiki.


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 6 - Linux NetMag Browse Website open in new window
English/German free e-zine: articles on software, hardware, networking, games, applications, tools, tips, tricks, know-how, configurations, kernel, and booting.


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A LiveJournal community: group of users and developers that share advice, discuss problems.


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