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 1 - Creature House Browse Website open in new window
Software developer of Expression, LivingCels, and author of Skeletal Strokes. Expression is a vector drawing program with 'Skeletal Stroke' technology which stretch or repeat across the length of a vector path to create anything from natural media bru...


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Drawing program for the .fig format. Software download and related documention, libraries, drawings, and pointers.


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 3 - Mayura Draw Browse Website open in new window
Vector based drawing program for Windows. Export to EPS, AI, PDF, WMF, GIF, BMP, TIFF. Import AI and WMF.


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A fully functional vector-based drawing program for Unix, written in Python. Imports XFig, AI, CMX, WMF and SVG formats. Exports AI, PDF, SVG, EPS and PS formats.


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 5 - CompactDraw Browse Website open in new window
Create flexible vector graphics in real time, with the appearance of BMP textures, shadows, lights, transparencies, bevels, and other 3D effects. 30-day trial.


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Offers the IsoDraw and IsoView software for technical illustrations, with news, introductory information about the topic, and practical tips for illustrators.


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Collection of free X Windows drawing editors for vector-graphics production, and a layered application framework for custom direct-manipulation graphical editors.


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 8 - ZONER, Inc. Browse Website open in new window
Zoner Draw 4 is a vector graphics editor fit for all users and uses: create impressive leaflets, illustrations, business cards, letterheads, postcards, titles, maps, and greeting cards. Also produces rich Internet graphics. Download Zoner Draw's 3 for...


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 9 - Sodipodi Browse Website open in new window
Archived source and executable downloads for this Inkscape predecessor.


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A 2D graphics and diagram editor written in Java and based on xfig. Includes download and documentation.


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