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 1 - ROBOSOFT Browse Website open in new window
Develops and supplies mobile robotics solutions for transport, cleanliness, research, and other applications.


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Leading provider of mobile robots for the consumer market, including the iRobot-LE home robot, Hasbro's My Real Baby doll, and a full line of robots for the research community.


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 3 - Willow Garage Browse Website open in new window
Develops hardware and open source software for personal robotic applications.


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Maker of ER1 robot kit. Also provide embedded hardware/software to OEMs for robot navigation and vision.


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 5 - Boston Dynamics Browse Website open in new window
Designs and builds walking robots for research and demonstrations, offers consulting on robotics and on simulation software.


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 6 - BlueBotics Browse Website open in new window
Produces and markets autonomous mobile robots for industrial and research applications.


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NREC is CMU Robotics Institute's commercial arm, partnering with US businesses to channel CMU and NASA technology and public funding into mobile equipment, new systems and process automation projects.


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Manufacturer of education and research robots in Europe. Set of mobile robots products and a related know-how, with specific hardware or software.


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 9 - Arrick Robotics Browse Website open in new window
Manufactures and sells mobile robots, stepper motor systems, XY positioning tables and automation accessories. General technical information on robots.


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Industry group concerned with commercial robotics.


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