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The World Summit on the Information Society, recognizing creative use of interactive digital media in content and diversity.


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A nonprofit technical assistance group helping volunteers, schools, and nonprofits work together to solve computer problems. Information about the services for volunteers, nonprofits, and schools.


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Helps non-profits use technology to better serve their communities, by providing integrated technology services including planning, consulting, training and support. Includes success stories, online resources, and information about how to get involved.


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Non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and policymakers about the potential of a decentralized global Internet to promote democracy, communications, and commerce.


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Charitable organization that directs donations of used and surplus computer technology to non profits and public agencies throughout the United States and globally.


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A national association of more than 1000 diverse community technology centers. CTCNet helps its members enhance their services by providing technical assistance and facilitating collaborative relationships at the grassroots level.


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A non-governmental organization dedicated to the dissemination of new information and communication technologies (NICT) in developing countries, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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A Portland based non profit that provides free computers and education to those in need through the reuse and recycling of old computers in exchange for community service.


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A group of volunteers working to provide documentation for learning and reference for various technologies. Also this organization helps to make technical educational materials available to those who cannot afford it.


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Social justice, equity, and access through community technology and diverse social change initiatives in underserved communities.


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