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Includes information regarding laws, filtering, spam prevention, and responsible marketing, as well as information and advice about how to complain about spam. Laws, anti-spam information, and links to other resources.


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United States, European Union, and other countries' laws and pending legislation regarding unsolicited commercial email.


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Provides a general overview of the spamming phenomenon. Links to articles which discuss the techniques of spammers on particular media: Internet e-mail, instant messaging, Usenet newsgroups, Web search engines, weblogs, and mobile phone messaging. Ano...


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Article outlining Paul Graham's proposal, and spam FAQs.


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Anti-spam resources include papers examining the problem of bulk e-mail and links to other organizations.


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Editors of Internet ScamBusters present tips and resources to reduce spam.


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Spam-related mailing list. Includes subscription information, and FAQ.


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Account of what happened after an Internet user accidentally gave a wrong email address when she visited a web page and signed up for a sweepstakes.


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List for developers of tools to prevent spam.


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Links to anti-spam sites and legislation.


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