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Non-profit scientific organisation intended to further research in cryptology.


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Reference work available for free download (with restrictions) from the Web.


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 3 - Crypto-Gram Browse Website open in new window
Free monthly email newsletter covering developments in cryptography and other computer security issues.


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Links to cryptography related downloads and information from around the world.


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 5 - Snake Oil FAQ Browse Website open in new window
Guide to evaluating the quality and fitness for purpose of cryptography tools.


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Find information on some cryptanalytic hacks, breaking weak cryptosystems and links to more cryptography related websites.


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Defines cryptographic terms and concepts, offers crypto scheme comparison, and provides some real world examples.


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Ten part FAQ list that is essential reading for any newcomer to cryptography.


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History of a code cracking competition. Challenge details, how it was solved, winners, essays and photo gallery.


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Tips on choosing a difficult to crack password and pitfalls in password selection.


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