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 1 - Black Hat Browse Website open in new window
Black Hat Conventions put you face to face with people on the cutting edge of network security, and with no vendor pitches! Black Hat Europe 2005: March 29-April 1 in Amsterdam; Black Hat Asia 2005: April 5-8 in Singapore; Black Hat USA 2005: July 23-...


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Information about the largest annual hacker convention in the US, including past speeches, video, archives, and updates on the next upcoming show as well as links and other details.


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 3 - ShmooCon Browse Website open in new window
An annual East coast hacker convention hell-bent on offering an interesting and new atmosphere for demonstrating technology exploitation, inventive software and hardware solutions, as well as open discussion of critical information security issues. Sh...


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 4 - CanSecWest Browse Website open in new window
Annual conference held in Canada that focuses on newly emerging information security research, and topics such as auditing and penetration testing. CanSecWest/core05: May 4-6 in Vancouver.


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PacSec Core focuses on newly emerging information security research, with a balance of both topics on auditing and pen-testing as well as security and defensive strategies. PacSec.JP/core04 was held in Japan.


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Three-day event held annually in San Diego, California, U.S that features lectures and a competitive game involving simulated network penetration.


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The Symposium on Security for Asia Network in Singapore aims to be a very different security conference from the rest of the security conferences that the information security community in Asia has come to be so familiar and frustrated with. SyScAN in...


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HITBSecConf is the most intimate of the hacker conferences. Meet the best hackers, security researchers and practitioners in Kuala Lumpur and Bahrain. HITB 2005 Bahrain: April 10-13 in Bahrain; HITB 2005: September 5-9 in Kuala Lumpur.


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 9 - PhreakNIC Browse Website open in new window
A convention for hackers, phone phreaks, cypherpunks, programmers, civil libertarians, ham/scanner enthusiasts, security experts, feds, and culture jammers.


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Pakistan's First Cyber Security Convention, Pak Con, is an exclusive cyber security convention, the first initiative of its kind in the history of Pakistan Hacking and Security scene.


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