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Bibliography primarily focused on DataBase systems and Logic Programming


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Very Large Data Base Endowment Inc.: a non-profit organisation for promoting and exchanging scholarly work in databases and related fields.


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ACM's Special Interest Group on Management Of Data.


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An ACM SIGMOD discussion email list announcing conferences, jobs, books, software and grants. Posting requires (free) registration.


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Searchable collection of bibtex bibliographies on database research.


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Dedicated to dispelling fallacies and misconceptions prevailing in the database industry. Find publications, educational information and links.


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Defines a wide range of terms and concepts specific to the temporal database research community.


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Documentation and software from the AutoMed project, which provides the first implementation of the both as view approach to data integration


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Papers on data warehousing and online analytical processing available online.


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Computer Science course for database management systems. Has information about SQL and Relational Algebra. A Database-I course for graduates of the masters program in computer science


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