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An Erp Solution Provider Company in India for Better Business Performance. We Offer the Best Erp System Business Intelligence Software Solutions & Consulting on Microsoft, Oracle Technology.


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MacOS Web Server and BBS with full documentation, ordering and update information for TeleFinder from Spider Island Software.


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Distribution site for SysOp and end user files.


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A BBS software for DOS and the IBM PC compatibles.


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Supports the Internet and Fidonet while embedding Fidonet messages and Internet news and email together with a versatile web-based, online and offline message reading system.


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Offers WorldGroup, software for internet-based BBS's and shareware door games.


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 7 - SyncTERM Browse Website open in new window
Open source, cross-platform BBS terminal (i.e. client) program that supports ZModem up/downloads, telnet, RLogin, SSH, RAW, and modem connections.


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 8 - Synchronet BBS Browse Website open in new window
Open source BBS that works on the DOS, Windows, or OS/2 operating system and supports multiple simultaneous users with hierarchical message and file areas, multi-node chat, and the ever-popular BBS door games.


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 9 - BBS Archives Browse Website open in new window
A resource collection for BBS Sysops.


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 10 - Telegard BBS Browse Website open in new window
A full featured BBS software including a full message section with JAM and Squish formats, a full file section w/file tagging and CD-ROM support, multinode and multilingual support, powerful menus, scripts, and door support.


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