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 1 - Darwin Pond Browse Website open in new window
An imaginary gene pool, a primordial puddle of genetic surprises. Free download; Windows.


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Designed for people of all ages, the FishTank offers firsthand experiences in creating artificial life forms and reveals how simple behavioral rules can produce complex and surprising results.


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Features three Java artificial life experiments.


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Java application simulates creature behaviours and movement. Available for free download, including source code, and a paper on Artificial Life.


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Lotus Artificial Life's Java cellular automata substrate capable of supporting evolving, self-reproducing organisms which are capable of universal computation.


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 6 - Critters Browse Website open in new window
Agents evolve to stay on the screen.


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A model of human brain function designed by a neuroscientist at UCSD. The VIM is used to drive 3D characters who live in virtual worlds and can express emotion and creativity.


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A networked, self-generating artificial ecosystem by John McCormack. A CD-ROM version for Macintosh and Windows is available for on-line purchase.


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 9 - Pandamat Browse Website open in new window
Highlights the Pandamat artificial intelligence system.


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Modeling software, theory, and applications. Instream flow model for trout. Salmon out-migration survival simulator.


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