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 1 - Bot Spot Browse Website open in new window
Information on intelligent software agents and links to sites on specific agents.


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An organization dedicated to development of the multi-agent based Swarm simulation system and support to its users.


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 3 - Agentland Browse Website open in new window
Discover the different web agents and bots, the download center, and information on the world of software agents.


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Research group at the MIT Media Lab developing techniques and building prototype agent systems.


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 5 - Talking Heads Browse Website open in new window
An interactive online experiment using mobile robotic agents. Artificial language and society emergence.


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 6 - BotKnowledge Browse Website open in new window
Links to bot software: shopping bots, and chatter bots, for sale or free.


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Newsletter on workshops, and software.


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 8 - DataBots Browse Website open in new window
Spreadsheet-based agents with a neural network-like architecture. With databases generated by the bots.


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 9 - AgentBuilder Browse Website open in new window
Agent building software and related information


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Introductory article on artificial life and agent-based computational economics.


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