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Knuth, Donald (14)  

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An author of computer science books, on algorithms and Discrete Mathematics.


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MIT. Combinatorial optimisation algorithms.


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 3 - Rajeev Motwani Browse Website open in new window
A popular author for Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms.


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 4 - Devroye, Luc Browse Website open in new window
McGill University. Probabilistic analysis of algorithms; Random trees; Nonparametric estimation; pattern recognition; Computational geometry; Random number generation; Typography.


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 5 - Niklaus Wirth Browse Website open in new window
Famous Programmer and Computer Scientist .


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University of Southern California. DNA computing. Research papers, pictures, curriculum vitae.


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Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus. Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Fault-Tolerance; Survivability of Replicated Objects; Dynamic Computing Environments. Publications.


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 8 - Mukundan, R. Browse Website open in new window
University of Canterbury. Image Analysis: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Moment functions, Biometrics. Computer Graphics: Graphics Algorithms, Visualization, Virtual Reality, Image Based Rendering. Publications and Java applets.


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 9 - Frank Dehne Browse Website open in new window
Carleton University, Ottawa. Parallel computing.


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Stony Brook, NY, USA. Algorithms in image, speech and signal processing and recognition; one of the winners of Fingerprint Verification Competition 2002.


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