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Provides an overview over Swiss newsgroups and the charter for each group, as well as the history of the hierarchy reorganization.


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Presentation of the free (as in alt.*) Finnish hierarchy. Checkgroup list and binary policy.


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 13 - borland.* Browse Website open in new window
Presentation of this hierarchy provided as a user supported area to exchange information, tips and techniques for the community of Borland customers.


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Presentation of the Norwegian hierarchy: checkgroups, PGP signed control key, control message archive and configuration information for INN.


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Provides the definitive list of all newsgroups in aus.* (Australia) including charters, voting instructions and information on creation of new aus.* newsgroups.


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New Jersey, United States. Rules, checkgroups, administration, list of groups.


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Canonical list of managed, unmanaged, local and private hierarchies with information on how to carry them: newsgroups list, PGP key, contact, URL.


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One of the hierarchies for Japan (along with fj.*). Checkgroups, sample control.ctl entry, policies.


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 19 - europa.* Browse Website open in new window
International newsgroups hierarchy for topics covering the continent of Europe.


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Details about Furrynet, a private news hierarchy for furries.


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