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 1 - We-Blocker Browse Website open in new window
Free internet filter with pre-blacklisted and user-specified websites blocking, and inappropriate keyword detection (preset and user defined).


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 2 - iProtectYou Browse Website open in new window
The iProtectYou Internet filtering and parental control software program enables you to fully control your child's online use, thus preventing your child from being exposed to the inappropriate, harmful and dangerous aspects of the Internet.


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Offers various software packages to filter, block, and monitor Internet and application use; for home, business, education, and government.


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 4 - Brightfilter Browse Website open in new window
Protects against spyware, phishing, malware and inappropriate website content. Annual fee.


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 5 - PC Tattletale Browse Website open in new window
Monitors internet activity, chat rooms, email, keystrokes, as well as acting as an internet filter.


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 6 - Bsafe Online Browse Website open in new window
Offers content filtering software.


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Prevents installation and use of peer to peer file sharing software such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Bearshare, etc. Free for personal use.


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Keylogger with remote installation function, records keystrokes, ICQ/AIM chats, websites visited, makes screenshots and monitors the clipboard.


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 9 - SentryPC Browse Website open in new window
Allows parents to filter, monitor, and schedule computer, internet, and application use for all users of the computer.


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 10 - WatchDog Browse Website open in new window
Monitors computer usage with screenshots logging and remote monitoring, tracks and controls access to applications and internet with programmable schedule.


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