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 1 - Boss Everyware Browse Website open in new window
Secretly logs program names, window titles, visited URLs, user names, and keystrokes.


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Monitors all computers connected to a LAN.


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Multifunctional keyboard tracking software. Product specifications, screenshots, downloads, and purchasing information.


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 4 - Winvestigator Browse Website open in new window
Records all the keys that are pressed on the computer, and can take screenshots as well. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads. [Windows 95/98/ME]


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Is able to record mouse-clicks and keystrokes in any Windows application, and to play them.


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PC ACME keylogger and monitoring software, that captures all users activity on the computer. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.


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 7 - AppsTraka Browse Website open in new window
A desktop security application, which monitors and controls user activity. It can track programs, files, keystrokes, and Web sites visited.


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 8 - Blinc Software Browse Website open in new window
Windows logging software, WinLogger tracks all users key stokes and mouse clicks in a simple non-technical view. [Windows 9x/2000/XP]


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 9 - IntraSpy Browse Website open in new window
Reports everything the user types passwords, chat, email, and does, sites visited online, programs used. Adds time stamps to all events, and remembers the system startup, and shutdown time.


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Runs in the background to capture, and save screen images while away from the computer.


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