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Multi-process/threaded protected mode OS for all i386+ systems, written in all 16-/32-bit Assembly in TASM, fully PROMable so can port to embedded systems with no keyboard and/or screen, stable and secure via segment protection and paging. [Open Sourc...


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 2 - Visopsys Browse Website open in new window
VISual OPerating SYStem: small, fast, home-brewed, open source OS kernel for x86. Includes project background, screenshots, source code and useful links for OS developers. [Open Source, GPL]


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Protected mode, multitasking support, 32-bit; developed on x86-32, intended to run on x86-64 with some changes; DOS-like, but not fully compatible, use: to run ported DOS programs up to 512K. At SourceForge. [Open Source, BSD]


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 4 - TriangleOS Browse Website open in new window
32-bit multitasking, multithreaded OS for x86 386+ CPUs, with GUI, FSs, applications, drivers, all in active development. Site has information, news, documents, screenshots, downloadable releases.


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Self booting x86 OS implementation of Towers of Hanoi puzzle, very simple bootstrap loader and kernel; boots, presents shell-like prompt for valid integer input, used by kernel as count of disks to solve, prints list of moves.


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A few screenshots, details, links.


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 7 - ScottsNewOS Browse Website open in new window
Runs on i386+ compatible, working GUI even on 4 MB. Coded in Assembly, C. Brief description, download link. [Open Source, GPL]


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 8 - Domainatrix Browse Website open in new window
Assembly language OS for x86 architecture, hot-swappable kernel, made to serve the Web, written originally for programmer's personal interest and education after moving to the PC platform from his old 8-bit machine. Philosophically similar to V2 OS.


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Runs on i386+, 16-bit real mode, FAT12/16/32 (read-only, LFN support), coded in C++; downloads: binaries, source, utilities, game (tetris source); downloads. [Open Source]


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 10 - PM_SZ_OS Browse Website open in new window
Protected mode, 32-bit OS for i486 CPUs and up, full network stack, supports several filesystems, paging, deferred procedure call support, and virtual multiple screens with different resolution and scrollback. Free download.


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