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An initiative where representatives of the W.S.P are working with Macromedia to improve the standards compliance and accessibility of web pages produced with Dreamweaver.


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Dreamweaver MX Zone: FAQs, tutorials, downloads all for Dreamweaver MX.


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 3 - Project Seven Browse Website open in new window
Offering a Dreamweaver-based automated menu builder. Demo available, online store and technical support.


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Offers a variety of tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions. Dedicated to serving the Dreamweaver community.


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This article explains how to tweak Dreamweaver to clean up old HTML, plus produce and validate new markup to conform to current XHTML standards.


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Handy tips Dreamweaver users should know about to allow more flexibility and creativity while designing sites.


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Dreamweaver extensions for dynamic website development helping web designers build database web applications and e-commerce sites using PHP, ColdFusion or ASP.


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Drew McLellan's Dreamweaver tips, tutorials and extensions.


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Use the Dreamweaver behaviors panel to create jump menus, swap images, pop-up windows, play sound, and validate forms.


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 10 - Kaosweaver.com Browse Website open in new window
Free and commercial extensions including photo galleries and the calendar popup behavior. Server behaviors for ASP and PHP.


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