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Regular Cloud Server Backup may take time but saves you years of efforts, you put into gathering and managing information from various resources.


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Be prepared for common disasters with a written plan that you can quickly implement when needed. Zarr Tech will perform the steps to help you design a disaster recovery plan that fits the needs of your business,


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 4 - USB Restore Browse Website open in new window
USB recovery program is simple and efficient in reviving damaged or lost files within few mouse clicks using any Windows based computer.


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Offers a wide range of solutions for IT professionals. OFM prevents skipped or corrupted open files during backups.


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Provides automatic backup software and storage solutions to help protect, secure, capture and share digital valuables. [Windows/Macintosh]


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WinBackup will backup, restore, organize, and schedule them automatically. It will also protect data using the latest encryption techniques.


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Handles the entire backup process, including the partitioning and formatting needed before reinstall can be carried out. Can restore individual files, selected directories, or entire hard drives as needed. For Windows 9.x/NT 4.0/Win2000.


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 9 - EMC Insignia Browse Website open in new window
Maker of data protection software and hardware products for home and small/medium businesses. Products include Retrospect (backup/restore software for Windows/Mac) and Replistor (data replication software for Windows).


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Makers of Retrospect backup software for Windows and Macintosh.


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