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 41 - Accura Software Browse Website open in new window
A client/server accounting software application for Windows. Runs on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase.


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Enterprise management solutions for accounting, manufacturing, inventory, procurement, sales, payroll/HR, job costing and fixed assets with e-business and multi-company support.


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Provider of an integrated family of financial and management information software for all size organizations and a wide variety of industries.


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EDC offers an advanced inventory and sales management system with POS and accounting for both Windows and Macintosh.


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Information on The SouthWare excellence series, a modular accounting and business management software package that wil run on 600+ operating systems, including Linux.


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 46 - Shygun System Browse Website open in new window
Offering Windows based accounting, inventory, finance management, purchase, sales and ordering system software packages.


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 47 - Aknaf Software Browse Website open in new window
Suppliers of sales automation and contact management software. Also supplies integrated accounting and sales solutions for manufacturer rep agencies.


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Accounting software for the club and hospitality industries, including membership, payroll, event management, gaming analysis, stock control and financial management systems.


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 49 - Multiview Browse Website open in new window
Financial and accounting software for HP computer systems, for small and large businesses.


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 50 - Nexus Systems Browse Website open in new window
Offering PayablesNexus, an accounting system to automate the process of purchase order and invoicing.


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