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Software for application and network monitoring - logging, monitoring, capacity planning, availability and performance measurement, and helpdesk information. (C, PHP) [POSIX]


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 2 - Anteater Browse Website open in new window
A log analyser for MTA logfiles (for example sendmail). (C++) [GNU/Linux, Unix]


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A tool that shows the network usage. It can be used interactively, or in web mode. (C) [GNU/Linux, Unix, Windows]


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 4 - Network Grep Browse Website open in new window
Ngrep is a pcap-aware tool that will allow you to specify extended regular expressions to match against data part of packets on the network. (C) [GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows 95/98/2000]


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 5 - Calamaris Browse Website open in new window
Parses the logfiles of a wide variety of Web proxy servers and generates reports. (Perl) [Linux, Unix]


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A web server logfile analyzer that works as a CGI and/or from command line, and supports multiple languages. (Perl)


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Allows the monitoring of heterogeneous systems using multi-platform agents distributed over a network. Includes news, downloads and a development weblog.


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 8 - squidefender Browse Website open in new window
Perl script which parses for attacks a squid log file. Allows to run commands or automatically notify the attacker's ISP upon trigger.


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 9 - RackView Browse Website open in new window
Assists in visualizing a Data Center's computer rack layouts by creating a web page with HTML tables to show a frontview of the racks. Included are brief commandline and CGI scripts to demonstrate its implementation. (Perl) [Linux]


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A network interface traffic statistics reporting and graphing tool. (PHP)


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