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Free project hosting especially for software to do with Debian. Repository is accessible by SVN/CVS.


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Free open source and closed source project hosting. It is hosted by the ETH Zürich, Switzerland. The repository is accessible by Subversion. It has a wiki, a forum and a issue tracking system for projects.


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 13 - http://swik.net/ Browse Website open in new window
Offers "a wiki for every open source project", integrated with RSS/Atom feeds and organized by tagging.


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 14 - FireForge.net Browse Website open in new window
Free open source project hosting with bug tracking, forum, documentation management. Projects are mainly in Russian language. Hosting is provided by the ReactOS (open source windows compatible OS)foundation.


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 15 - JavaForge Browse Website open in new window
Free open source project hosting in a cloud. It offers project management, wiki, document management, builds, highly customizable issue tracking and multiple version control systems, including Subversion, Mercurial, git and CVS.


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 16 - Novell Forge Browse Website open in new window
A collaboration website for research and development of open-source projects.


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 17 - ShareSource Browse Website open in new window
Service offered for free to open-source developers that provides easy access to SVN, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, site hosting, permanent file archival, full backups and daily repository snapshots.


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 18 - Freepository Browse Website open in new window
Hosting of open source projects online, similar to sourceforge. Hosting server source code is available for download under the GPL.


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Free open source hosting plattform. It is accessible by CVS/SVN and provides bug tracking and forums.


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 20 - Code Spaces Browse Website open in new window
Subversion hosting, issue tracking and project management. Free for open source projects on request.


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