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Established to bring together directors from departments and agencies in the Government of Canada. Provides meeting minutes and articles on IM and email strategies.


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Helps implement new or improve existing systems. Contains articles and external resources.


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A resource list.


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 4 - Iorg.com Browse Website open in new window
Information on the adoption and management of intranet and internet solutions by people and organizations.


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Basic concepts and definitions of intranets as knowledge management systems. Also provides white papers and tools.


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 6 - Simongibson.com Browse Website open in new window
A series of tutorials assisting in development in the ASP and ASP.NET environments.


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 7 - Wordmark.Com Browse Website open in new window
Find out the latest web technologies and the potential of the Intranet. Browsable library of white papers.


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Step-by-step processes for design and implementation. Also provides development tips.


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 9 - Good Documents Browse Website open in new window
Discusses document creation and general design issues for internal and on-screen systems.


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